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NEW Cuticura Dry Skin Cream Review

For too many years to mention I have suffered from dry patches of skin on my body. Especially on my elbows, where I also get stress-triggered psoriasis. I’ve tried a lot of creams and balms over the years. Some of which have worked well, some of which have not worked at all. One of the recent creams I have been using is the Cuticura Dry Skin Cream.

Dry, Itchy Skin?

Have you’ve ever suffered from really dry skin, psoriasis or eczema? If yes, then you will know how it can drive you round the bend because it itches like mad! The Cuticura Dry Skin Cream really relieves and soothes the itch though. My elbows can get exceptionally sore if the dry skin cracks. This cream brings some much-needed relief from the itch and also the soreness.

The Cuticura Dry Skin Cream is also absolutely fine to use on your face, I used a tiny bit of it on a stubborn patch of dry skin. It was on the top of my cheek just down from under my eye area. For some reason, this patch of dry skin comes and goes as it pleases. When it flares up, the area becomes very red, flaky and quite sore. The cream really soothes it and after just a few days of use, it was almost gone.

When using it on your face do make sure to avoid the eye area though. I can tell you that it completely cleared up the dry patch and touch wood, it hasn’t come back…yet!

Cuticura Dry Skin Cream

The Three Main Ingredients

The effectiveness of this cream is down to three core ingredients; a unique 3-in-1 Triple Action Complex. Ingredients that are each known for their soothing, moisturising and restorative properties.

Zinc Oxide
has been used by skincare experts for centuries. Its mineral powder, best known for its antibacterial properties, helps soothe and calm discomfort and helps prevent very dry skin. Fast-acting Hydroviton® 24 is an advanced 24 hour moisturising complex of eight naturally occurring ingredients. Its double moisturising benefit relieves dryness and skin cracking and hydrates very dry and sensitive skin quickly and effectively. It is also proven to help your skin retain moisture and boost skin renewal. Shea Butter is a natural emollient, particularly good for softening and smoothing very dry and rough skin.


It’s not a problem if you have sensitive skin either. The Cuticura Dry Skin Cream is suitable for people with sensitive skin. A lot of the time dry, flaky skin and sensitive skin go hand in hand. They certainly did in my case.

My Overall Thoughts on the Cuticura Dry Skin Cream

There really was a vast improvement in the areas where I had dry skin. They had become soft with no signs of dry, flaky skin in sight! I haven’t missed the itching that used to be so distracting, or how sore the areas would get. I don’t think people who have never suffered from severely dry skin etc actually realise just how it can affect you both mentally and physically. That may sound over the top but it’s really not.

All I will say is that if you have really dry skin or eczema etc you should give this cream a try, it just might save you from the vicious itch/scratch/itch cycle AND restore your skin to its former glory!

Where Can I Purchase Cuticura Dry Skin Cream?

If you wish to purchase this cream then you can do so via either of these places:


Do you suffer from dry skin, eczema or psoriasis? Have you tried this cream before?

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