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Down to the last 2 months of the year! With Halloween & Bonfire Night out of the way, it means most people are thinking of Christmas now. I know I’ve been looking online for presents for people. I’m glad I can stay in the comfort of my own home to shop for gifts. Speaking of staying at home, the October 2019 Degusta Box was all about ‘Home Comforts‘.

If you’re a regular reader then you probably know by now just what Degusta Box UK is. For those that aren’t familiar with it, I’ll quickly explain.

Degusta Box UK is a monthly subscription box that contains between 10-15 items each month, most of which are new to the market. You can read some of my reviews for previous boxes here. It costs £12.99 per month but you can find a discount at the end of the post which means you’ll pay just £7.99 for your first box!

What’s In The Box?

As I mentioned early October’s box had a theme of Home Comforts. I have to be honest and say this wasn’t a great box for me personally. So, I’ll get on with it and show you what was in the October 2019 Degusta Box!

Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Coins - October 2019 Degusta Box

These Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Coins come in a variety of flavours & you would have received 1 of these in the October box. They also have variations for Vegans too. They’ve been handmade in Wales since 2015. In 2019 they won Best Luxury Hot Chocolate Retailer too. Really sumptuous hot chocolate and I’m sure that anyone that loves hot chocolate, will love these!

Amy's Kitchen Organic Hearty Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup - October 2019 Degusta Box

I actually have soup pretty often so was pleased to see this Amy’s Kitchen Organic Hearty Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup in Octobers box. It really is a hearty soup too and pretty filling. I’m not too keen on the herbs in it but that’s just because I don’t like herbs in general. Other than that it was a really tasty, filling veg soup!

Now I am always looking for alternative snacks like these Growers Garden Fresh Broccoli Crisps. I wanted to love these but I just didn’t like them. Seems I was alone in that though as all three flavours were liked by everyone else, with the chilli being the most popular. I can say they do have a nice crisp bite to them and if you love broccoli already, I am sure these would be a big hit! You would have received 1 of these flavours in your Degusta Box.

Boost + Protein - October 2019 Degusta Box

These Boost+ Protein bars actually have 12g of protein in them! All the great taste of Boost bars but with the added protein. You can’t really go wrong!

Tick Tock Tea - October 2019 Degusta Box

I had never actually heard of Tick Tock Tea until I received them in the October Degusta Box! Out of these 3 newly launched wellbeing teas, Bounce, Balance and Bedtime you would have received one in your Degusta Box. These teas are naturally caffeine-free infusions. They combine the benefits of natural herbs & spices along with Rooibos, which is antioxidant-rich to help with your wellbeing. If I have tea, it is only ever fruit infusions, so these sadly weren’t for me. Andy has been enjoying them though.

Gourmet Drops - Chocolate / Vanilla - October 2019 Degusta Box

If you like using sugary syrups in your coffee, or even in your baking, then these may be just up your street. These Gourmet Drops by Teisseire are vegan-friendly, sugar-free, carb-free, gluten-free and fat-free. You get 20 servings out of each one too. You would have received 2 of these in your October 2019 Degusta Box. Both flavours are being used and enjoyed still.

Upbeat Drinks Juicy Protein Water - Bood Orange & Mandarin - October 2019 Degusta Box

This Upbeat Drinks Juicy Protein Water -n Blood Orange & Mandarin was such a tasty, refreshing drink & with the added bonus of 12g in each bottle too! I loved that they were also sugar-free too. I was reluctant to let the others have a taste as I wanted to drink it all myself!

Snatt's Garlic & Parsley Mediterranean Baked Snacks - October 2019 Degusta Box

Now I cannot stand garlic or parsley so one whiff on opening this bag of Snatt’s Garlic & Parsley Mediterranean Baked Snacks meant I handed it straight to my family to try. I am the only one in the house who doesn’t like garlic, everyone else loves it. They thoroughly enjoyed them and the baked snacks had a really great crunch to them too.

Maille Mustard with Honey - October 2019 Degusta Box

Is it weird that I love the actual smell of mustard but hate the taste? It’s just it always reminds me of my Dad who I lost 16 years ago to cancer, as he always had mustard with roast dinners and cold cuts. Anyway, whilst I do not eat mustard, some of my family do. They really enjoyed this Maille Mustard with Honey. The sweetness of the honey just works really well with Dijon mustard, so I’m told.

Clarks Original Maple Syrup - October 2019 Degusta Box

I always think of pancakes when I think of Maple Syrup, you know the thick, fluffy American pancakes? Along with thinking how weird it is that they have bacon with pancakes & maple syrup! I can’t wrap my head around that one. This Clarks Original Maple Syrup is actually a bend of pure Canadian Maple Syrup & Carob Fruit Syrup. Which means that you get all the yummy maple syrup taste that you are used to but with 45% less sugar – they can’t be a bad thing, now can it? There was no difference that I could taste at any rate!

Maille Tartare Sauce - October 2019 Degusta Box

I know a lot of people eat Tartare sauce with fish dishes but I honestly can’t stand it! Personally, I would say it’s an acquired taste. I don’t think anyone else in my family has tried it before but I do seem to recall one of my sons’ girlfriends liking it. So I will keep this jar of Maille Tartare Sauce for her to try.

Whitworths Shots - Chocolate & Hazelnuts - October 2019 Degusta Box

I think that these Whitworth Chocolate & Hazelnut Shots are such a great little snack. You feel like you are eating a little bit healthier with the nuts and raisins but it also feels like a bit of indulgence with the chocolate. Certainly something we all enjoyed and would buy again!

My Overall Thoughts on the October 2019 degusta box

Degusta Box UK - October 2019

As I mentioned earlier, personally this wasn’t a great box for me. For Home Comforts I would have expected different things than what was actually in the box. Then again, what would be home comfort for me could be entirely different for someone else. So I guess they tried to add a fair variety of products. That said it was really only the tartare sauce that none of us would eat.

Stand out products for me were the Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Coins, Upbeat Drinks Juicy Protein Water and the Whitworths Shots.

Where Can I Sign Up To Get My Own Degusta Box?

If you want to try out Degusta Box yourself, then you can get your first box for £7.99 instead of the usual £12.99 by clicking the banner below and Discount Code: 062OO (affiliate link)


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