Portable Air Conditioners – Which Is the Best Kind for You?

An air conditioning system is a huge investment. Among the many factors to consider, two of the most significant ones are the price of the unit and the difference it will make to your life. If you spend the money, but it ends up not being a worthwhile investment, you will feel regret at having spent your money so poorly.

Why should I go portable?

The fact that they can be moved around is the strongest benefit of a portable air conditioner. If you move around a lot on your property, for example, you have an art studio or like to work in your garage, you might greatly benefit from a portable unit. That will give you access to air cooling when and where you need it, even if it is a space you do not use a lot.

Portable air conditioners can help to keep you cool wherever you work.

It is also an extremely useful and practical solution for spaces where the architecture does not allow for a fixed unit to be installed.

What other factors should I consider?

Contrary to popular belief, cost does not always equate to quality. Cost will generally be the primary consideration, as most large purchases are guided by budget. However, if you go for a unit with a lot of unnecessary “bells and whistles”, like decorative fittings, colour-changing lighting and the like, you might find that the cost price is more inflated than it needs to be.

Portable Air Conditioners – Which Is the Best Kind for You? - PIN THIS

Tip-over safety and overheating protection are two worthwhile additions to a unit though, as they affect the safe running of your air conditioner. Having these in place help to reduce the fire risk associated with running electronic appliances.

Energy usage

The energy efficiency of a machine is measured in terms of how much power it uses to run, and how much it will cost you to pay for its operation. The other factor is what the environmental impact of running the unit is.

This is determined by the amount of energy used to run the machine, as compared to the amount and quality of the cool air it lets out. The more cool air it can create with the lowest energy consumption, will make it an energy-efficient machine.

So many benefits to going portable!

Once charged and ready, portable air con units can go with you to cool any space in which you find yourself. If you do your research and find the right unit, you can look forward to a unit with comparable battery life and great cooling properties. What is not to like?

Look for a unit with a replaceable dust filter to extend the lifetime of your unit. There are many great options available for sale online, and often, excellent quality can be found at incredibly competitive prices. Even if you have an installed AC system, there are still many benefits to having a portable unit around. Best of all? Many portable air conditioners also double as air purifiers, and many allergy sufferers have reported a change in their symptoms!

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Portable Air Conditioners – Which Is the Best Kind for You? - PIN THIS
Portable Air Conditioners – Which Is the Best Kind for You? - PIN THIS

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