Home Office Beautification For Dummies

Home Office Beautification For Dummies

Many of us have been spending a lot more time in our home offices recently. At the start, it was to stay safe, given what’s happening in the world out there. But more recently, we’ve seen a shift. A lot of people are finding that they can actually get more done when they work from home. There are fewer distractions, less time commuting, and only essential meetings. 

Home Office Beautification For Dummies

But there’s a problem: we’re still not used to the idea of working from home. It’s totally new to many of us. So we haven’t quite mastered the art of modifying our environments to suit our work. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the incredible ways you can beautify your home office and make it a joyful place to work. 

Arrange All Your Stationery In A Beautiful Cabinet

Stationery is a bit of an obsession here on this blog. So it should come as no surprise that we’re recommending you place it in a beautiful cabinet. Don’t just stuff it in one of those under-desk filing cabinets with the lock. Look for something a little more elegant and purposeful. Small mirrored chests of drawers and bureaus are a great place to keep your pens, pencils, post-its, sticky tape and files. 

Make It Ultra Modern

Now that you’re working from home, you have complete control over how your office looks. There’s no need to stick with the stuffy interiors you find at work. You have free rein. 

Investing in glass furniture makes your office look ultra-modern and gives you a sense of freshness every day. Options include desks, coffee tables and even cabinets. 

artificial flowers

Place Flowers Everywhere

Flowers totally change how you feel about your work, transforming your mood in an instant! Their bright colours alter your mood and make you feel more peaceful – precisely what you need when you’re trying to get into the flow of your work. 

But regular flowers are problematic – you need to replace them all the time. And that’s not cheap. 

Fortunately, plastic versions are available. And these days, artificial flowers look almost as good as the real thing. 

Add Blinds

If you have curtains in your office right now, try replacing them with blinds. The entire space will feel lighter, fresher and airier than before. And you’ll receive more brightness in the morning. 

Improve Your Seating Arrangements

Standard office chairs are fine ergonomically speaking. But they’re not always beautiful. Many are just an assortment of black pads, designed to fit the contours of your back – not ideal. 

Office Chair

Fortunately, manufacturers are now creating a range of high-quality, premium designer chairs that offer both comfort and beauty. Adding these to your office space makes you feel powerful and encourages you to spend time working, instead of procrastinating with other things around the house. 

Pick Brighter Colours

Lastly, try picking brighter colours for your office – something that will help your creative juices flow. Neutral is great, but why not try green, blue or orange. Find the colour that works best for you. 

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Home Office Beautification For Dummies
Home Office Beautification For Dummies

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