Swedish Care Package

So I have something a little bit different from what I usually post about because I received a wonderful Swedish Care Package in the post yesterday from a very special friend who lives in Sweden. I think this is about the 5th parcel he has sent me now. It seems a shame not to share what I received.  Over the last few parcels, we have discovered what I love and this parcel contained mostly products that I’ve had before with just a couple of new things to try.

The first new product was Kalles Kaviar. For those that don’t know, this is basically a cod roe kind of paste. It is very salty with a slightly sweet taste too. I think it might be one of those foods that you either love or hate. I do like roe but usually, I eat it hot so I wasn’t sure I would like this BUT I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It was very salty but then I did try it without putting it on anything. It’s much more enjoyable on bread or hard bread/crisp bread with some butter too. He did also send me a ham and cheese spread to try but sadly it kind of exploded on the journey here and a lot had leaked out of the tube, I managed to salvage some and put it into an air tight tub. I didn’t like that one though lol It had a really smokey flavour and I really don’t enjoy anything that has a ‘smoked flavour.


Speaking of hard bread, he also sent me Coop Knäckebröd Original in my Swedish Care Package to try. I love Ryvita and I thought these might be pretty similar tasting and they were. They were not identical but they really reminded me of how Ryvita taste. I tried it with some cream cheese spread on and there were really yummy.


Next up we have Wasa Sesam & Havssalt. It’s a great little round crunchy bread, topped with sesame seeds. You can pretty much put whatever topping you like on this, sweet or savoury. Very yummy!


Then we have the Wasa Frukost. This is the second time he’s sent me these as they went down really well last time. One of my sons absolutely loves these. They make a great alternative to have for breakfast too; I had some with butter and jam on and they tasted soooo good. They are also great topped with your favourite cheese as they are light, golden and topped with Poppy seeds.


Then we have my favourites out of the breads, Brandt Skorpor. These are small, golden, light slices of crispy bread. They taste great eaten with savoury or sweet toppings. I found these to be very similar to French Toast that we have here in the UK, only they tasted a lot nicer. They were very moreish too. The first box he sent me didn’t last very long at all!


I had these cookies also in the last package and I loved them so much he sent me 6 packets this time lol. They are the Göteborgs Brago Original cookies. Delicious little buttery cookies with a mild taste of vanilla. These may look simple but they taste amazing. I was told to try them with milk as it makes them even better. You would think to dip them in milk but no, instead you take a bite of cookie, then drink a little milk and suck on the milk through the cookie. It changes the taste completely and they are just so so good eaten this way! Forget Oreos, this is the cookie you want with milk!


Then we move onto the candy. The very first package he sent me, which I think was 2 yrs ago or so contained a few bars of Marabou chocolate and ever since trying them, all other chocolate just tastes inferior. The quality of this Swedish chocolate is just, ugh, to die for. I am a HUGE lover of white chocolate and I adore the Marabo Vit Chocklad. It is so creamy, rich, with a hint of vanilla and just slowly melts in your mouth. Also, you cannot eat too much of this, one piece, two at a push is really enough due to how rich it is.


Finally, my new discovery last package was the Marabou Mint Krokant. This has to be the most delicious mint chocolate I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It’s smooth milk chocolate, crispy, minty and just perfect. The crispy minty bits in it are like very tiny pieces of a mint flavoured Daim. That’s what it reminds me of. It has the same texture as a Daim bar. I love love love this chocolate so much. I received 6 bars of this in this parcel though one I have put aside for a friend.


So there we have the contents of my care package all the way from Sweden. They really do have such tasty treats. If ever you can get your hands on any of these I definitely recommend trying them.

Oh and if any of you are into gaming, as some of you may or may not know, I happen to be, then you might like to check out the Youtube and Twitch channel of my friend who sent me this wonderful package.

Sohlus Twitch channel || Sohlus TTV Youtube  || Sohlus Twitter

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