December Hygge Box Reveal and Review

January 9, 2017

December Hygge Box Reveal and Review

January 9, 2017

I’d been thinking about getting a Hygge Box to try for a while and I finally decided to try out the December box. I’ve seen so many people talking about or referring to Hygge that it is hard to escape it. So many bloggers seemed to be reading, or have read The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well.

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I do love the concept though. Hygge is basically the Danish word for that comfy cosy feeling we get. I am really simplifying that though. It’s making the everyday things we do, more special and meaningful.

You know how you feel when you make a cup of tea in your favourite cup, snuggle up in your favourite spot with a good book? Well, that feeling; that is Hygge. Spending an evening with loved ones, be it friends or family, eating a meal that you’ve cooked and enjoying just chatting. That is Hygge too. It’s all the quality time you spend with others, or even on your own. Most of the simple things we take for granted or don’t even make time for.

This is where the Hygge Box comes in:-

‘Danish Cosiness Delivered in a monthly subscription box HyggeBox. HyggeBox (Hue-gah) is an all year friend that makes you feel cosy whilst promoting togetherness. Our Subscription boxes are packed with all things Hygge and Danish. Themed and seasonal so every month is exciting and different!’

Hygge Box was founded by Gabby & Sally who met in May of 2016. They discovered the perfect YingYang as Sally loved Summer and Gabby loved Winter.

December Hygge Box 2016

Gabby was already a lover of the Danish concept of Hygge, and although Sally didn’t know it at the time, she was already living her life with the attitude of Hygge too; she just had no name for it.

Each took the reins in their preferred season, creating Hygge moments that they could both enjoy and in September of 2016 the Hygge Box subscription box was born.

‘That’s when HyggeBox was born: the creation of two people who need comfort, cosiness, meaningfulness and excitement at different times of the year!

We have created a box which celebrates Hygge both in Summer and Winter, Spring and Autumn. It helps our customers to feel meaningfulness, indulgence, excitement, intimacy and confirm in all seasons – just like us! We have developed a monthly box that reflects the Danish Hygge along with the time of year. Our boxes are personalised and they have items to suit the months they are in. Gabby has drawn on her years of experience of Hygge & obsession with all things Danish to bring together the best from the UK & Denmark.

They have one aim, not only for themselves but for their customers

…to help find things you love in every part of the year and to share those with other people!’

Since launching in September 2016 Hygge Box has continued to grow and grow. Their boxes are now bigger and better than ever; next month even sees their boxes being fully screen-printed on the outside. Grazia magazine did a feature on Hygge Box last November too. You can read it here.

They also do one-off  seasonal boxes like their latest ‘Couples‘ box, which has been selling like hotcakes. A special one-off Mother’s Day box will be launching soon, as well as the launch of their online Hygge boutique shop.

You can also take a look at some of their previous boxes below too.

December Hygge Box 2016 December Hygge Box 2016

So, now you have a better idea of what Hygge Box is, let’s take a closer look at December’s box.

The first item included is this loose leaf English Breakfast Tea from Lee Rosy’s Tea.

December Hygge Box 2016

What could be more Hygge than making a cup of tea using loose leaf tea rather than a tea bag. Slowing down and enjoying the ritual of making a proper cup of tea. I’m not a big tea drinker myself but I can definitely appreciate this. Most people just sling a tea bag in a hot cup of water from the kettle, quick dash of milk and they’re done.

I always remember my grandmother using loose leaf tea, a tea-pot, tea strainer and fine china cups. It was never rushed, you waited whilst the tea steeped. It really was like a little ritual every time. I loved to watch her make the tea. That’s why this bag of tea is perfect for the Hygge Box.

December Hygge Box 2016 December Hygge Box 2016

[amazon_link asins=’147365646X’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’boxnip-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’003c5564-d6b4-11e6-9d1a-a537cb44b9b9′]I think most people enjoy candles and the homely, cosy atmosphere that candle light creates.

It’s also a core essential of Hygge, so during the dark winter months what could be more fitting, than a Beeswax Candle Kit by House of Crafts.

You get everything you need to create your own Beeswax Candles. Hygge Box are also giving away a free copy of Say Ja to Hygge by The Hygge Doctor to the best created candle.

Just post your creation on Facebook and Twitter, making sure to tag Hygge Box before 15th January 2017.

December Hygge Box 2016

You can also get creative in the kitchen making chocolate truffles. Simple and delicious to make, Hygge Box have provided all the dry ingredients and cases that you need, plus a recipe to follow; you just need to add the wet ingredient.

The Hygge Box also comes with a printed sheet/s telling you a little about each item included and what that months box is focused on.

December Hygge Box 2016


Overall Thoughts About The Hygge Box

December Hygge Box 2016

I love the concept of Hygge and think it’s a really lovely, unique idea for a subscription box.

Gabby & Sally have encapsulated Hygge perfectly and poured it into this box for us all to enjoy.  They’ve taken a great deal of thought about what and how they enjoy Hygge in their own lives throughout the year, so they can share that with their subscribers.

These gloomy winter months can be quite depressing and energy draining, so enjoying simple activities in the home is a perfect way to take time out and remember to slow down and enjoy the moments we tend to rush or ignore completely.

Thanks to the Hygge Box you can now make chocolate truffles, take your time and make a really nice, hot cup of English Breakfast Tea. Set your tea and truffles at the table and enjoy some quality, quiet time, candle making, whilst enjoying your truffles and tea.

A perfect Hygge moment whether you share it with loved ones or friends, or you do it alone.

As someone who suffers with severe clinical depression and anxiety, I find the Hygge Box a particularly fantastic box.

You can take your time, put worries aside and just relax. It’s really a very good way to de-stress, center and calm yourself. There’s a very safe, comforting feeling that comes with Hygge moments.


How Much Does Hygge Box Cost?

  • Standard Hygge Box – £20.00 per month
  • Deluxe Dansk             – £35.00 per month


Where Can I Purchase Hygge Box?

If you want to subscribe to Hygge Box you can do so through their website:-

Official Website

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