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Up Over and Down Under #BOXMEUP Review

September 18, 2018

One subscription that I really miss at the moment is the Up Over and Down Under #BOXMEUP lifestyle box. I used to subscribe to it a while back and you can read my previous reviews of it here.

It’s a really fabulous luxury lifestyle box and always contains such lovely items. They also ship Internationally too, which is great!

The story of us…

We are 2 shopaholic sisters in our thirties, lovers of all things pretty with an addiction for online shopping and subscription boxes!

Our biggest inspiration comes from Australian brands as you may have been able to tell by our name! We are lucky enough to visit quite regularly as our brother lives out there (cheap holidays Yay!) and we fell in love with their amazing home accessories and stylish giftware. We were fed up of not being able to find such great items in the UK. We wanted to be able to share our passion with others and started by making up boxes as gifts for our friends and family, these proved so popular that Up, over and Down Under was born.

A luxury online gift shop and a monthly subscription box service.

When you are lacking in inspiration, we offer our deluxe gift boxes packed with carefully selected products to suit every occasion, we can even put your message in the box and post direct saving you precious time! No more trawling the internet for the perfect gift!

We handpick every item in our shop and pride ourselves on our originality and quality.

Our lifestyle subscription boxes are dispatched on the 1st of every month, a surprise selection of between 5 and 7 gorgeous treats delivered straight to your door; it’s a gift from you to you

Available as a one-off purchase or save money and sign up for a rolling contract.



Up Over and Down Under very kindly sent one of their boxes to review, which I was thrilled about as I always love them.

up over and down under up over and down under

The Up Over and Down Under #BOXMEUP boxes always come beautifully packaged. With the black ribbon printed with their #BOXMEUP name. It just adds that extra touch. Inside, there is tissue paper neatly closed with a sticker with their logo on it.

up over and down under

There is also a printed card inside which tells you what items are in that month’s box and their RRP’s too. Always handy to have. I much prefer when I receive subscription boxes to have an information card or leaflet that can tell me about each item and how much they usually are. It helps you to see if you are getting good value from the box too.


What’s In The Box?

up over and down underup over and down under

Live Laugh Love Quote Book

The first item in this Up Over and Down Under #BOXMEUP is this lovely book full of quotes & sayings. I love stuff like this. They are great to put along with a photo and post on Instagram, or just for a bit of inspiration each day.

up over and down under

Hair Turban

Next up is this pink turban for your hair. I’m not gonna lie, I had to google how to put this on after spending about 30 mins trying to figure it out! This is great if you have long hair. You can wash your hair, quick towel dry, then put it up in this turban – definitely saves getting a wet back!

up over and down under up over and down under

Chia Seed Face Oil 30ml

We then have this Chia Seed Face Oil. I’ve actually never come across a facial oil containing Chia Seeds. I researched – Google is my friend – and found that is great for oily skin and clogged pores. It is also good for restoring moisture, calming redness and diminishing wrinkles.

up over and down under up over and down under

Mini Hanging Diffuser

This rather pretty silver diffuser bullet was something I had never seen before. You can use it in cars but sadly I don’t have a car so I gave it to my friend and it is still going strong. Miles better than your standard car freshener. There are instructions that tell you how to use it but in short, the oil soaks into the wooden cap.

Alternatively, you could also hang it in a wardrobe, or anywhere you want to really!

up over and down under

Pink Kit Kat

Last but by no means least, is this Ruby Kit Kat made with Ruby cocoa beans. Apparently, they were the first brand in the UK to actually manufacture chocolate bars using the unique Ruby cocoa beans. I like Kit Kats and really thought I would like this but I wasn’t too keen on it. I much preferred the original Kit Kat. Not that I hated this, it’s just that I didn’t really enjoy it.


Overall Thoughts on the Up Over and Down Under #BOXMEUP

up over and down under

The contents of this #BOXMEUP, which happens to be the May box, were really great. There was a nice variety of items.

I think the quote book and facial oil were my favourite items out of the box. My daughter has already pinched the turban for her hair.

If you are looking for a lifestyle subscription that has a really good selection of items each month, then I really do recommend trying #BOXMEUP, or you can even try a one-off box!


Where Can I Purchase Up, Over and Downunder #BOXMEUP?

If you want to subscribe to #BOXMEUP, you can sign up over on their website

Up, Over and Down Under – Official Website

They do ship Internationally and prices start from £14.95 + £2.90 p&p shipping UK only (fees apply for Europe and the rest of the world)

You should also check out their online shop, they have some really beautiful items for sale.


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